We Are Not Broken or Wounded

The SourcePoint Experience invites you into a new psychological and spiritual paradigm of conscious embodiment and awakening. We never attempt to change ourselves by force, this is violent and always futile. And we are not trying to heal ourselves, because nothing about us is broken! We exercise our ability to meet Reality gently, exactly as It is...embracing the challenges of our human experience as well as the wonder of our Awakening Heart and Body.

Education In Kindness

With The SourcePoint Experience, you will gain an education in kindness! You become aware of the natural timing, learning rhythms and innocence of the emotional body. Facilitation is offered for bringing the mind, heart and emotional body into harmonious confluence with one another. In this way, the heart, mind and body transform, awaken in an integrated manner, rather than existing in a fragmented, separative conflict with one another. The inner war ends here.

There exists, within the center of our Heart, a precise point, a space, a single yet infinite moment of pure relaxation, tenderness and intimacy. It is here, in this deeply intimate Field of Singularity, we experience our Essence, our inherent union with Heart, with Source. Experiencing this SourcePoint is not difficult or mysterious—it is available in every moment, awaiting our willingness and experiential recognition. The Heart, the Center of our Being, the Intimacy of Union and Connection with Self and Other…awaits the return of our Feeling Awareness.

In our SourcePoint Experience Gatherings, we embrace the past with empathy, compassion and deep experiential insight, yet we do not dwell there. This unique work fulfills our deepest emotional and spiritual needs through gentle, insightful, feeling experience in the present. We learn to navigate the opening and integration of body, mind and heart using a precision Enfoldment Sequence; a Psycho-Spiritual Map of Awakening. In this way, we are able to uncover and transform the actual causes of our confusion and pain and we enter into a deeper more direct experience of Awakening in our Body, Mind and Heart.

By accessing The SourcePoint Experience, we are able to assimilate and nourish ourselves with the transformational power and vitality of the Heart, the Soul, Unified Awareness—the precise point, space, or moment of pure intimacy and potential wherein Source, Feeling, and Humanness meet. This is connection, this is union, this is intimacy, this is integration, this is the fulfillment we seek.

The SourcePoint Experience
The Work of Integrative Awakening:

In The SourcePoint Experience Gatherings…

Φ  We immerse ourselves in brief, relaxing, body-centered sessions of calm abiding meditation (shamatha). We use the breath, heart and body as the focus for our awareness. This simple, ancient and profound practice begins the process of softening and opening the mind and body. A direct, visceral experience of our True and Enlightened Nature is always located conveniently within our own body, not elsewhere!

Φ  Each participant is supported in the process of allowing feeling awareness to descend deep into the body and heart. One is empowered through experiential feeling insight into the precise emotional and spiritual misperceptions which have been the actual cause of stress, confusion, pain and illness. This clear, experiential insight leads to deeper body/mind relaxation, greater health and vitality, and physical and spiritual transformation.

Φ  Navigating awareness through a precision Enfoldment Sequence or Psycho-Spiritual Map of Awakening, we explore those areas of the body, mind and heart most in need of love, wisdom and integration. We navigate attention/awareness into the subtle psycho-emotional layers of ego surrounding the Heart. Bringing understanding and clarity to cognitive and emotional misperceptions of reality, previous patterns of tension and stress are liberated. Navigating deeper, we can also enter into a Direct Experience of the Heart, Essence, Singularity, True Intimacy and Connection.

Φ  Facilitation and support are always offered with love, kindness, respect and harmlessness, never through mental analysis, diagnosis, psychic invasion, or by busting anyone on their so-called issues. Our exploration/navigation is shared through intimate mutual awareness, harmlessness, presence of heart, precision facilitation and direct feeling experience.

Φ  The SourcePoint Experience work provides an education in kindness. One becomes aware of the natural timing, learning rhythms and innocence of the emotional body. Facilitation is offered for bringing the mind, heart and emotional body into harmonious alignment. In this way, the heart, mind and body unfold and transform in an integrated manner, rather than existing in a fragmented, separative conflict with one another. The inner war ends!

Φ  We practice the evolutionary art of relaxing and stabilizing feeling attention within present moment awareness. We do not attempt to change our experience by force, and we are not trying to fix or heal ourselves. This is our innate capacity to be present, kind and intimate with our bodily and heart-centered experience, free of even subtle forms of violence or reactive avoidance.

Φ  We consciously embody and activate our Life Destiny by learning to soften personality resistance/defense, allowing the infusion of the Intimate Heart ( Soul) into our human, bodily experience. The Soul carries the Life Destiny Template into the personality (human domain). Facilitation is also offered for nurturing the ascending and descending evolutionary movements of the Life-Force (Kundalini or Breath of Life) through the central channel or midline of the body.

Φ  In this unique integrative art, this psychology of awakening, we weave together the human personality and Soul (Heart). This is known esoterically as the Science of Soul Integration. As one opens into a deeper experience of Heart, Intimacy with Source, full support is offered for assimilating and stabilizing the power of this Direct Experience into an integrated and practical bodily experience.

Φ  In our gatherings, we also gain tremendous benefit from practicing together in the compassion and coherence of the Group Heart. This group synergy and support inspires greater expressions of love, intimacy, wisdom, community and service to humanity—our True Life Destiny.