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When I explain the inner work of The SourcePoint Practice / Integrative Awakening, I do so in many different ways and from different perspectives. Engaging in this work is more simple than trying to put it into words! Most of the time, I simply explain this unique style of work by using terms common to modern psychology or emotional process work.

However, there is most definitely a deeper, more esoteric aspect of this work which hides just under its outer expression. Although the work of Integrative Awakening takes place within the domain of our human psychology, we are, in actuality, facilitating a major evolutionary shift in consciousness.

In this work, we are literally assisting the infusion and integration of the Christ Presence (Soul or Love/Wisdom) into conscious embodiment. We are working directly with the integration of the Soul and the human personality; bringing the two into conscious and harmonious union. This is one of the mysteries of this work.

Initiation and The Path of Awakening

I have tried to veil the more esoteric significance of this work for a long time. In previous years, I simply wanted to be a “good therapist,” facilitating emotional catharsis and helping people resolve psycho-emotional issues. However, through the process of my own evolution (Soul Integration/Awakening), and knowing what people required for their next levels of development, it became extremely difficult for me to continue hiding the actual esoteric nature and significance of this work!

In the Bible, which many people consider a highly enlightened source of esoteric mysteries, we find that the experiences Jesus went through are symbolic representations of initiations which each of us, consciously or not, will go through in our lives. The biblical Jesus represents our own Christ Self or Soul and the Initiatory Journey of Awakening each of us are on.

The First Initiation

In the Bible, we are told the Christ child is born in a manger, surrounded by animals who were in there as well. In esoteric understanding, this represents the First Initiation, known as the Birth. The First Initiation, or the Birth, is when a person experiences the first evolutionary stages of their awakening. The first spark of Light (the Christ child, Love, Soul Awareness) is born within the manger or cave of the heart, surrounded by the animal passions of our primal human nature. This Birth Initiation stimulates the heart center and is our first impulse toward love and goodwill. According to the esoteric teachings, a great percentage of humanity has already passed through the First Initiation.

The Second Initiation

Later in Jesus’ life, we read that he enters into the river Jordan to be baptized. This Initiation takes place in the element of water, relating to the emotional nature, and is known as the Baptism or Second Initiation. According to esoteric teachings, the Second Initiation is the stage in one’s life when the Christ Self or Soul (the Radiance of Love and Wisdom) is infusing/integrating into the emotional body.

Again, according to the esoteric wisdom teachings, the Second Initiation can be very challenging. For here we encounter the stage in a person’s life where the Radiance of Love and Wisdom, the Christ Self, or Soul Awareness, is infusing its Revealing Light into the depths of our human psychology. This evolutionary process begins to reveal and expose the ancient delusion, glamor and misperception that has been buried in our emotional body for lifetimes! In this stage, we have the challenge of making our way through the thick fog and mists created by the Fire of Awareness (Soul) coming into direct contact with the watery and deluded nature of our emotional body.

The Third Initiation

The Third Initiation is known esoterically as the The Transfiguration. In the Bible, we are told that Jesus climbs the mountain and is there transfigured while accompanied by two of his disciples. At this stage of our awakening, the Radiance of the Soul begins to infuse itself into and fully illuminate the mental body. This Initiation brings the full Illumination of Truth into the mental body.

The Evolution of The SourcePoint Experience / Psycho-Spiritual Integrative Awakening

Because of my training in esoteric psychology, during the course of my work with people, I began to sense how the subtle inner processes of these esoteric “Initiations” were affecting a person’s psyche. I began to see clearly that much of what we experience as an emotional crisis, which we are taking personally, is in actuality an evolutionary challenge of awakening. And this challenge of awakening requires us to make new choices for our psychological and spiritual evolution.

And this is precisely why I had to shift the Integrative Awakening work away from simply listening to endless ego-based stories or just assisting people in resolving emotional issues.

It became obvious to me that the present day science of psychology cannot be fully supportive to the growing number of people who are experiencing the deeper evolutionary challenges of Soul Integration. (This is not referring to Transpersonal or Soul-Centered Psychology, which is more aligned with what I am referring to here.) Again, in my work with people, I could see the awakening symptoms/indicators of these Initiations at work just beneath the so called emotional crises or trauma a person was experiencing.

As my intuition, skill and heart courage increased, I would work with people and groups using the model of knowing that the Soul, the Heart, or the Christ Presence, was actually in the process of integrating and infusing into peoples’ bodily experience. Then, of course, the Integrative Awakening work made a drastic shift and so did everyone I was working with!