Neil, you are a gifted teacher and a talented facilitator and guide. I’ve learned much from you, and have definitely sunk down more into the body these past weeks, and sustained it. Your gentle, humorous, articulate, poetic, kind, body-focused approach has been a real boon. I sincerely thank you for being who and how you are. As a teacher (for 48 years so far) I’ve also learned from you about the art of teaching: you are skillful, artful, and effective.
Ronald D. Gordon, Ph.D.
Professor of Communication, Humanities Division
College of Arts and Sciences, The University of Hawai’i – Hilo

Neil is a dear friend and an extraordinarily intuitive and compassionate teacher. He has a very deep understanding of the mapping of our personal and collective human conditioning and the loving essence of the One Heart that beats beneath. Neil is masterful at gently uncovering repetitive issues and supporting you in clarifying your understanding so that embodying the deepest Truth of Being becomes a natural way of living.
– Shantam Lanz
Watsu, Water Dance Teacher. Founder of Liquid Body Works and Presence of Being.

Neil has been where almost nobody I have ever met has been; deep into the dark side of the belly jungle. He helped me wrangle those so-called wounds, using the heart, and they transmuted into God-stuff. And he can help you do the same. But don’t expect rainbows and unicorns. Only go near him if you are willing to be terminally opened so that your heart walls dissolve and you can let go of your arduous, boring addiction to being yourself.
– Kathryn Masters-Darling
Founder, Motherwave/Soulwave Institute

It is a rare blessing to discover a professional who can skillfully support us in our awakening as we encounter our fears, defenses, and needs; yet these are the very areas that require support and liberation in order to become fully awake. Neil is a master at navigating the process of “embodying” enlightenment. As our awareness drops down into those dark corners of the psyche, our fears, needs, and defenses, if left unseen and unfelt, will continue to run our lives, creating ego-based strategies which hinder a fully embodied awakening. I have spent 30 years on the path of development and 15 years in psychotherapy. My experience of the work with Neil feels like the last steps in the beautiful journey called becoming human. I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who is serious about waking up all the way into our humanness.
– Charles Ridley
Founder of DynamicStillness, a biodynamic school for health professionals.
Author of Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness.

I am a physician trained in Emergency Medicine, Acupuncture, Nutrition and Mind Body Medicine. My work with Neil Cohen over the last 8 months has been very valuable to me. Neil is an extremely bright, compassionate man who is dedicated to helping the people he works with become more conscious and aware human beings. He has an intuitive ability to grasp the nature of a person’s discomfort and then compassionately help them to deepen their connection to the essence of what makes them uncomfortable. He creates a safe and sacred space that allows the people he works with to trust that going deeper into their psyche is rich and valuable. Neil has helped me to move out of my conceptual mind and into an experiential heartfelt place in the depths of my being where I can empathize with my deeper needs and recognize a shared sense of humanity. Neil’s work has helped me to move through emotional dilemmas and into more appreciation for life’s opportunities. In addition, there is a group connection that develops during our Integrative Awakening groups that brings forth the feeling of something greater than ourselves and enables us to recognize that every member of the group represents a part of each of us. I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to work with Neil.
– Richard Steinberg M.D.
Teaching faculty for the Center for Mind Body Medicine
and The Seven Bowls School of Nutrition, Nourishment and Healing

As one of Neil’s client’s, I experience him as ‘a master of human/spiritual alchemy.’ His work is ground-breaking. With laser inner/intuitive sensing, he is able to see the individual template of each of his clients, helping us to integrate and anchor the intimate relationship of the soul and our personality into ‘One’ harmonious heart-centered Hum. Vulnerability and gentleness with ourselves is experienced as a strength instead of a limitation. While teachers offer many paths to Self Awakening, few guide people to the true authentic experience of Self Love. The simple, yet profound nature of Neil’s work is nothing less than natural genius.
Dorothea Joyce
Performance Artist/Author/Facilitator

I have been working as an executive and life coach for over twenty-five years. In my work, I believe you cannot support people if you have not done the personal development work necessary to be of use to others. My personal development has lead me to confront everything that is in the way of being a more effective coach. I have met with some tough times during this process, but never as much as on the 25th of August, 2005 when suddenly a massive movement of energy began rushing throughout my entire body. I experienced a powerful spiritual awakening but without the ability to understand or integrate what happened to me. For the next two years I searched the world looking for someone who was an expert in spiritual after-care. In my darkest hour a friend sent me Neil’s website. Upon reading about the Integrative Awakening work I felt I had found the person I had been looking for, someone who could finally support me in the integration of spirit and body. From my first session with Neil things immediately began to change. For the first time in over two years I began to believe things were going to be all right. Nothing happens in God’s universe by mistake, and meeting Neil has been a life saver for me. The work he does is a science and I believe Neil is one of those rare people in this world with the true knowledge and expertise to support people through the many stages of spiritual integration.
– John McCormack
Leadership Development Coach

I have done personal sessions with Neil and have attended his training group for professionals. I highly recommend his Integrative Awakening work; it is deep and authentic. I learned profound skills for integrating the body and mind that I was never taught in traditional graduate school. In addition, this work has helped me awaken to the deeper truth of my being in a much more fearless way. This wonderful, gentle work has affected my life, my relationships, and my professional work with others in such profound ways. Neil gives us a ‘map’ for navigating the psychological and spiritual paradigm shift that we are collectively experiencing at this time.
Pat Gurnick CLC, CAC

There are many energetic healing and awakening modalities that are being facilitated by wonderful people at this time on our planet. Neil Cohen is one of those facilitators who has truly distilled ancient wisdom into his Psychospiritual Integrative Awakening work. His tenderness, honesty, and ability to hold Presence is the energetic mirror that will allow you to make the necessary shift from ego-based identity to your own Divine Essence. Enjoy your journey; you have an excellent guide. Thank you Neil, for being my mirror and helping me to remember!
– Rev. Linda Lightfoot
Intuitive Healer, Shaman and Horsewoman

I have continued to revel in this new connection with myself that you are guiding me into. It is beyond words really…keeping me on the edge of tears whenever I open myself up. And what is most incredible is how much this new way of being with myself is staying with me! There is already a notable difference in how I am relating to others in my life, especially my kids and my co-workers, but even how I deal with and relate to acquaintances. I could share a dozen stories, just from these last two days after our session.
– Patty Lawless
Community Organizer for Metro Organizations for People,
Project Coordinator for Project Salvador

Neil’s work is experiential; it’s beyond my capacity to capture its profound subtelty in words. However, I will say that Neil is a brilliant and original teacher. Sensitive, insightful, bold, inspiring, and very funny, too! His genuine humility creates a space where we can discover ourselves in true intimacy; a place not bound by the defenses of the personality. It’s wonderfully freeing. Presenting ancient teachings and practices in a modern format, Neil’s accessible work is for anyone wanting to be more fully present—and to have a good time getting there!
– Rachael Hand
Operations Manager, Mountain Community
Television Channel 15

I spent seven years meditating daily. I truly considered myself to be a heart-centered person. In working with Neil, I discovered that I was living more in my mind rather than actually being at rest in my deep heart. Neil’s ability to hold an unmoving, amplified field of love, as well as his gentle approach, assisted me in embracing the subtle veils of judgement and fear around the most tender and vulnerable recesses of my heart. He helped me understand and unravel layers of misperception which had been blocking my ability to open into true intimacy with myself and with others. I have begun to consciously and lovingly embrace my emotional being. My belly and womb have softened to receive more of the power of my full divine womanhood. Neil’s compassion for the human condition and his empathic gifts enable him to masterfully navigate the murky waters of unconscious denial and delusion, bringing one gently into the feelings that long to be known, felt, and embraced by the light of loving awareness. As a result of learning his approach and using it daily, I am more grounded in my body, more gentle with my human needs, and more confident in who I am than I’ve ever been in my life. This is truly valuable work! I recommend it to anyone sincere about awakening.
– Christa Ray
Voice Movement Therapist

I feel I have discovered a rare gem in meeting Neil and being introduced to his Integrative Awakening work. I am deeply grateful for the opportunity to work with someone who has the purity, clarity, and skills Neil has. He has a rare empathic ability to help people navigate energetically through blocked areas of the body and assist the integration of the higher spirit into the emotional body. In addition, through this work one becomes aware of their unconscious needs, as well as the behaviors we create to satisfy those needs; behavior that may keep us from awakening. What is so wonderful about this work is that there is absolutely no processing or re-traumatizing of the body. The integration process in this work is unique, completely simple, effortless, and relaxing. The result is deep peacefulness, centered awareness, and a practical understanding of how to do this process on your own. After my first group with Neil I felt “lit up” like a lightbulb with the energy that had been freed up by the work. Since then I have continued to work with Neil on lifetime core issues and relationship patterns. I use the “navigation” techniques taught in his work to deal with day-to-day issues and blocked emotions. I highly recommend this work.
– Stephanie Lash
Technical Recruiter, Rebirther, Healer

There are those that study a subject for many years, and through trial and error become quite good at their craft. Then there are the ones like Neil who fully immerse themselves, exploring every nook and cranny personally, and emerge with the keys to the Kingdom. In working with Neil, I experienced immediate and profound results in my life. I truly feel that he offers a map that leads to the end of suffering.
– Michael Joseph Ferguson
Founder, Luminaia Productions

Thank you dear Neil, for your courageousness to bypass the mental construction of reality and emanate a reality from a tender, open heart.
– Veronica de Aboitiz
Student of MA Contemplative Psychotherapy at
Naropa University

As a civil rights worker, professional bodyworker, artisan-craftsman, teacher and lover, I have participated in the evolutionary change of our alternative culture over the last 40 years. For others, I have been a wayshower to love, truth and God/Goddess. Yet something was missing for me; a fuller, more direct, and personal experience of spirit in my life. Working with Neil Cohen in the Integrative Awakening group for the past year has become the singular, most important experience in my life. I have begun to know God within my heart, my body, and my awareness—directly. A true inner security has been developing: “I’m ok, no matter what.” I am becoming aware of how my Higher Self/Soul is guiding my life, and is my life. I have learned practical tools to open more to this experience within myself. In the group sessions, Neil sets the space for an enlarged context of experience; one that is kind, not codependent, non-judgmental, and which allows the group to explore and become aware of what is within us. Gently and from the heart, Neil assists, guides and helps us navigate somatically, as we unlock the knots in our body, mind, and heart, thus allowing greater soul light, peace, and harmony. This inner growth is supported by the group synergy and reinforced by Neil’s integrity, playful honesty, and continued work on himself. I love that in our group sessions I lose a sense of 3-D time and enter into a kind of soul time, where I can be and bask in the energy of my soul endlessly. I am forever grateful to you Neil, thank you.
– John Schultz
Professional Bodyworker

I have found Neil’s Integrative Awakening work to be extremely rewarding. It has helped me to reach deeper into myself and to meet the various aspects of my nature with greater compassion, kindness, and understanding. I have connected through my heart in new ways and have a clearer awareness of the relationship of my mind/heart/emotional nature. I have practiced Vipassana meditation for a number of years (and other methods over the decades), doing silent retreats as long as 2 weeks. The Integrative Awakening work has enriched my meditation practice and awareness. I have a deeper understanding of the nature of meditation through experiencing myself with greater mindfulness in the course of this work. Neil’s insights and approaches have assisted me in quickly recognizing points of inner resistance and habitual patterning. I have learned to regard them with greater kindness and to shift them with mindful awareness rather than extensive emotional processing. In fact, his whole approach is based upon mindful awareness as opposed to complex psychological analysis or processing. This has been very refreshing. Over the years, I have come to understand that though there is benefit in being awake to our patterns, it is often fruitless to spin them around and around. I am impressed with Neil’s clear understanding of our human and spiritual nature. He functions through simplicity rather than complexity and acts with compassion and kindness.
– Richard Paul Oreck
Real Estate Broker

I have been involved in Neil’s Integrative Awakening work for 2 years now. My life is new because I now have the tools to navigate my feelings without “reacting” to them. This has given me a sense of self confidence and peace that enables me to enhance all areas of my life. For example, I met my the man of my dreams and I am now successfully engaging in a truly responsible relationship. I am also a professional life coach and business consultant, as well as the owner of a successful web based business. I use the work of Integrative Awakening with my clients and it is truly changing their lives. I hear them say time and again, “I am able to live my authentic self now that I know how to access more of me.” Personally, through this work, I have learned to accept my fear, my shadow, my desires, and my joys. I have learned the importance of a steady practice in life. I have been given a template that empowers me to be awake, to accomplish my goals, and most importantly to just love myself deeply exactly as I am. There is such freedom in being more human and letting evolution take it’s natural time.
– Joy von Skepsgardh, BA, LMT
Eco-business owner and consultant

I came into contact with Neil’s work when I was at a true crisis stage of my life; a crossroads. Through his compassionate and coherent process, Neil was able to reach me in a place that went beyond my conditioning, my fears, my emotional layerings, and my advanced Western neurotic misperceptions of reality. Not only do I feel that Neil has a comprehensive understanding of the psychological processes that lead to individual suffering, but I also marvel at how he elegantly synthesizes the ancient wisdom teachings of the East to accommodate the contemporary problems of the troubled mind and underused heart. His somatic (body-oriented) approach is, in my opinion, the key to reaching people in places they normally overlook (or completely avoid), and this in turn is why I think he gets such good results with his work. In the Integrative Awakening work, we find the soul in the body, we find God in the human, we find the heart in the process. Since working with Neil for the last two years, in addition to the formalization of my own meditation practice, I find that I have gone from a protracted state of habitual “lostness” and stress, to a more natural experience of centeredness and well-being. I have also recently chosen to undertake a rigorous Master’s program since working with Neil, and I feel that I will be able to utilize my newfound level of “awakeness” and “reality-centered thinking” in this new challenging role. Simply put, Neil is one of those rare pioneers who is who able to combine the riches of  inner work with a conscious worldly practice that, I feel, changes lives for the better.
– Craig Balleta