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Psycho-emotional development and spiritual awakening are, in a very real sense, an art and a science. Physical, emotional and mental balance and spiritual awakening are not something that just happen by luck or accident. There is a path. There is an integrative psychology (or map) of awakening. We may or may not realize this, yet there are specific ways in which we create anxiety, confusion, pain and suffering for ourselves. There are also specific ways in which we can eliminate the causes of these extremely uncomfortable life challenges.

As all of us know, trying to accomplish a task without the right tools and attitude is futile. However, with the right tools and right attitude, we can successfully accomplish almost anything. In this exact way, resolving deep emotional issues (misperceptions) and awakening the heart will be accomplished much more efficiently and harmoniously when we have the right understanding of how this process unfolds.

The grand evolutionary invitation to open and experience the intimacy of awakening (the Presence of Love/Wisdom) is always available within each of us continually. This invitation requires our conscious choice and awareness. There are very specific feeling-symptoms or indicators we all experience when we are in fear and resistance to this invitation and call. In addition, there are very specific feeling-indicators we experience when we are accepting this invitation and opening into the undefended newness and intimacy of awakening.

The Feeling Language of Awakening

There are very specific body-level sensations and feelings that arise as we release our awareness from the contracted, habitual conditioning and defense of the personality structure, opening ourselves into the more relaxed state of unified, unconditioned awareness (Love, Heart, Soul, Intimacy with Reality).

If we learn to understand the body-centered, Feeling Language of Awakening, then symptoms/indicators such as anxiety, fear, anger, irritation, or depression are not dysfunction. They become valuable indicators for navigating the journey of our awakening.

These symptoms are not signs of dysfunction, being wounded, or something needing to be healed! All feelings and emotions have inherent wisdom within them. They provide us with specific and exact guidance, if we know how to interpret the body’s wisdom and the Feeling Language of Awakening. This is the Psycho-Spiritual Map of Awakening. These are the secrets of somatic, body-centered navigation.