The Voice of Heart: An Intimate Invitation

The Origin

Your Origin, your Place of Origination, is within you. This simple offering of truth is priceless if realized and experienced. Your Origin is always with you, always loves you and is Love Itself. Your Origin makes love to you with every breath you breathe…with every breath It breathes through you. The moment you lean outward, away from the natural and effortless dignity of your Origin, in your innocent search for fulfillment in the world around you, this is the moment you create fear! The moment you reach forward to grasp, out of an inner sense of lack, this is the exact moment you create fear. Fear is always a fear of loss.

Your Origin, your Place of Origination, is always within you. This simple offering of truth is priceless if realized and experienced. Turn your attention around. Relax your mind and desire deep into your own being… and rest into your Origin. Allow yourself to rest from your constant searching and concern. You were not designed to scour the earth, anxiously searching for little crumbs and scraps of satisfaction and fulfillment. These temporary little crumbs and scraps will never give you the nourishment you need. Your inherent and divine design is to live your life in the deep satisfaction and authentic dignity of your Origin…and this is your Fearless Heart. It is your divine design to be continually and abundantly nourished by the deep satisfaction of Being…which is your Origin…your Original Nature…located conveniently in the Center of your own Heart!

The moment you forget your Origin, you create the experience of fear within yourself. Fear is always an indicator that you have forgotten your Origin. The moment you lean into the outer world to grasp, to hold, to control, motivated by an inner sense of lack or desperation, you have forgotten. And this forgetting will always bring the experience of fear and anxiety. Fear and anxiety are your indicators. The moment you find it necessary to be dishonest in any way, you can be sure you have forgotten your Origin. And this forgetting will produce more lies, more misguided actions, more anxiety and more fear. Fear is an indicator of forgetting your Origin. Your Origin, your Original Nature, is the Fearless and Loving Heart.

Your Origin offers a gentle and magnetic pull. It calls to you. It sings to you. It gently pulls and invites you back into Remembrance. Your Origin, your Fearless Heart, wants to breathe through you, look out of your eyes, wants to love through you, in oneness, without there being the duality of two. Your Origin calls you back into the satisfaction and dignity of Being…the unwavering presence of the fearless and loving heart. When you experience fear, this indicates you have forgotten to relax into your Origin.

The magnetic pull of your Origin calls you, sings to you, gently asks for your return to union. Your Origin sends love poetry into the world as a message to remind you about the possibility of return. And even these simple words are more complex than the actual process of returning, remembering and relaxing into your Origin. The actual process is very simply…a breath. The actual process of return is very simply…a choice. The actual process of return is very simply…a surrendering…a single, timeless moment of eternal awareness that lets go of all possible outcomes in the world…and relaxes into the deep satisfaction and dignity of its Origin.

The Beloved calls. The Beloved sings. Your Origin awaits your remembrance. You work so hard to uphold and maintain your self-created perception of separation. You wear yourself out, creating so much fear and anxiety, living in a deep trance of forgetting your Origin… forgetting your Place of Origination. And still, your Origin, the deep satisfaction of Being…is only a breath away. Relaxing into your Origin is a choice, a relaxing, a surrendering, a letting go of outward grasping. It is a remembering.

If you have fear, you have forgotten. Do you remember? Fear is always a fear of losing something. Origin has nothing to lose. Origin can never be lost. Origin is the Center of Reality, where can it ever go? You are this. This Origin, this Center of Reality is your Essence…your own Heart. Fear is a fear of lack. Fear is fear of loss…fear of not getting one’s needs and desires fulfilled. Origin is Fulfillment and Satisfaction. Fear is forgetting. When you forget your Origin, when you forget your Place of Origination, you experience fear. You fear loss, because you obviously lost something and you forgot what you lost. You fear loss, because of what you left behind in your desperate and innocent rush into the outer world. And what you left behind is the relaxed dignity and natural satisfaction of your Origin.

Once again, from my heart I offer this to you…rest from your searching. You were not designed to scour the earth, searching for crumbs and scraps of satisfaction and fulfillment. You were beautifully and divinely designed to live your life in the deep satisfaction and authentic dignity of your Origin…and this Origin is your Heart. The very same Heart that is located in the center of your own chest. It is your divine design to be continually and abundantly nourished by the deep satisfaction of Being…which is your Origin…your Original Nature…your Heart.

The Fiery Awakening of the Ancient Serpent

The awakening is here. The awakening is now. The invitation is now. I anxiously await your every opening. I await even your slightest movements toward the feeling heart so I may come into expression and give you the priceless gift of your Self—the awakened radiance of love, wisdom and intimacy. You hold me back in so many ways that you are unaware of. In so many ways, unconsciously and habitually, you push away and deny the life-giving pulsations and newly birthing rhythms of love. You have designed your life, your heart, and the patterns of your breathing so as to hide from me and hold me back…and this you call living.

The awakening fire is here…right now…burning right within you in so many ways you are not aware of…just yet. I am the gentle, passionate and fearless river of life wanting to flow through your being…awaiting my chance to rush with aliveness through your body. Our mutual destiny is to awaken the sacred dance of love and intimacy within you. Please soften, allow your heart to become intimate with all reality, and let me in. Please hear my silent yet obvious voice singing from the within of your heart. Please make even the smallest attempt to feel and sense the touch of love that awaits your decision to soften and open. You hold me back with your shallow breathing, and so much of the food you eat serves only to dampen and crush my electric and magnetic expression in your blood, nerves and cells.

You are evolving, growing, learning to feel, there is no blame, there is no judgment. Yet I say the awakening is here for those who can burn in the fire of my intimate and passionate heart. The ancient serpent, the force and vitality of life within you, is raising its fiery head. It is sensing, winding and feeling its way back into union. And truly, my serpent, the vitality of life within you, will not easily be deterred by your fearful holdings and contraction. Because of this fiery awakening of the serpent, which is the vital life-force of evolution within you, your fearful holdings, contraction and denial will become even more noticeable; will begin to speak loudly to you in a feeling language which you will have to learn and interpret. Your fearful holdings, your inner tension and contraction, your resistance to the sweetness of the heart, will either work against you or will guide you flawlessly into awakening. This will depend upon the clarity of your awareness, your evolving ability to sense and interpret the feeling language of awakening within your being, and your decision to either open to the heart of love or hold onto your fear and contraction!

I offer a key to unlock your understanding; a way to interpret the visceral feeling language of awakening within your body… stress, tension and contraction are precise indicators of fear and misperception . Stress, tension and contraction in your body are a form of communication from those portions of your being which are afraid to open and feel reality in a new way…and are trying to hold tightly to the familiar and known. Blaming external circumstances in life for your fear, stress and tension will not ultimately serve your awakening. A deep understanding that fear, stress and tension are simply an indication that a part of your being has become frozen in misperception…and bringing loving awareness to your misperception…this will serve your awakening. Fear, stress, tension and anxiety are a reflected echo, within the domain of your humanness, of a much louder evolutionary call. The voice of the heart sounds its evolutionary call, yearning for you to learn how to relax into the feeling and knowing of your true Self; the origin of being. Stress, tension and fear are simply those portions of your being which have not yet been embraced by awareness, understanding and love…those parts of yourself that have not yet been invited back into union with the heart.

Please hear me…the radiant fire of my heart, the Living Presence of Love, exposes, magnifies and purifies your fear, stress and resistance. Opening yourself into intimacy with me, your true heart, will certainly expose, burn and purify your fear, stress and resistance. Sharing deep and authentic intimacy with another being will also expose and purify your fear and resistance. A deepening union with your own Essence will surely burn away fear and resistance. Your stress, tension, resistance and fearful holdings stifle and dampen the burning fires of intimacy…stifle and dampen the evolutionary processes of our mutual union…temporarily!

If only my living speech, my feeling language of awakening within your body could be interpreted and felt a little more clearly. As your heart continues to soften, you will more easily hear, see and feel my loving guidance, nurturing and support. My movement, guidance and support, is the ancient serpent within you, the vital fires of life guiding you home to union. Yet you choose to fear even those things which you do not fully understand. You hold so tightly to your emotions, thoughts and concepts. You hold so tightly to your perceived emotional comfort and safety. You hold on and grasp so tight, rather than surrendering and relaxing into the death of these illusions. Surrendering to the death of your misperception and illusion is what leads you into a new and fearless life.

Body after body, broken heart after broken heart, tear after tear…the lessons of your humanness are learned slowly like water wearing down a rock. And so it is, for in time even large rocks wear down…just as the fear and hardness surrounding your heart is wearing down…so slowly. If you are willing, allow my love to guide you. Allow the vital force of life within you, which is my fiery and ancient serpent…allow this love and wisdom to guide you. Allow yourself to die to distraction and avoidance. Live in deep devotion to intimacy…the peaceful stillness of the heart…the Living Presence of Love within you. Devote yourself to learning and understanding the feeling language of awakening within.

Remember, you are either avoiding or resisting the intimate evolutionary call of the heart, or you are hearing this call and invitation. If you are hearing and heeding this call of the heart, then you are choosing to embrace and understand the visceral messages of your fear, stress and contraction. This is the choice to soften and open. Allow yourself to be face-to-face and fully intimate with pure, naked and tender awareness…free of avoidance. Simply breathe and feel me. Simply breathe and feel your way through the hardened outer layers…deep into the sacred tenderness in the center of your own heart. This is your true Self. Breathe and feel your own Essence, free of all concepts and emotion. Let the passionate fire of my intimate heart melt and dissolve the walls, never to build them up again. Those fearful walls around your heart will never bring safety from the thunderous storms of my passionate awakening heart! Those walls around your heart will never protect you from the burning passion of my loving and awakening fire.

Much of the time, what you consider and feel to be your personal tragedy…this is my entrance and awakening into your broken and softened heart. Your false sense of self is destined to be washed away in the passionate storms of my love; destined to be burned alive in the passionate fires of my love! I love you and I do not fear to feel your false sense of self burning, for I bring myself to life within every place I burn and purify within you. I birth myself into awakening when you allow even the slightest quiver of feeling to move through your softened and undefended heart. I love you! The burning, dissolving and death of your misperception, resistance, contraction and fearful holding are my resurrection into life. Your devotion to the fire of the heart is my joyous awakening into grander expression.

I seek to dance upon my earth through the awakened heart and body of humanity before the beautiful earth is spoiled by your ignorance. I want to feel my passionate physicality flowing joyously through your veins and nerves without you stopping the serpent’s flow with your fearful holdings and denial. I plead with you…give me a small chance…please let me feel through your undefended heart and body . Allow yourself to touch and encounter the innocence that pumps your very heart . I am anxious for my creation to awaken so I may look out upon the land and feel myself alive and resurrected through my flesh and bones.

I will speak to those whose hearts may hear…please do not let my vitality, my life-force, my fiery and passionate serpent frighten you. She is a powerful force within you and her poisonous venom is only your own ignorance and fear in thin disguise. Her poisonous venom is only your own ignorance, fear and harmful actions coming back to meet and greet you…coming back to teach and guide you, through the clever disguise of your own life experience! Do you understand this offering? As you surrender your resistance, allowing yourself to open, soften, feel, love, and humbly learn from the challenges in your life, the serpent’s poisonous venom magically transforms into the substance and nectar of your own maturity and awakening. When ignorance blossoms into wisdom, what was once felt to be painful and poisonous, now becomes the guiding force which brings you into love and the incredible joys of the intimate and feeling heart. When ignorance blossoms into wisdom, what was once perceived to be painful and poisonous, now becomes the nectar of the heart which nourishes your deep vision, life purpose and loving service to humanity.

Do not let my ancient serpent, the passionate and powerful life-force of awakening within you, push you to hide or contract in fear. If you hide or contract in fear from your own passion, vitality and awakening, then you create an enemy within your own body and heart. I tell you the truth…the passion, vitality and the fire of awakening within you is not your enemy. The evolutionary unfoldment of intimacy and love within you is not your enemy. Opening yourself to the power of deep feeling and an undefended heart of love, is certainly not your enemy. Only your own fear, resistance and misperceptions of my life-force within you are your challenge! I love you and I am wildly and passionately awakening within your heart, mind and body. I am pulsing through your spine and nervous system on my way back into union…will you join me?