Stress, anxiety, confusion and emotional pain do not just magically appear out of nowhere. There are exact ways we create these conditions for ourselves, and there are exact ways we bring a welcome end to these conditions! To end our stress and pain, to awaken the heart and body, there is a precision psychological and spiritual map that needs to be navigated with correct cognitive and emotional/feeling perception. If we are ready and willing to feel, understand and engage in the cultivation of correct perception, this inner work will always yield the precious riches of awakening.

The Feeling Self or Emotional Body

The work and art of Psychospiritual Integrative Awakening takes place through a mutual and shared Heart Presence, awareness and verbal dialog. Facilitation and support are always offered with love, kindness, respect and complete noninvasiveness (harmlessness). This work is offered with the understanding that our emotional body feels, learns and opens at its own pace, just like a flower blooms. In this work, we never push, invade or violate the body’s natural pace and rhythm of opening, feeling, learning and unfolding.

The conditioned mind has a strong tendency to be pushy and impatient. The impatient, goal-oriented mind thinks human evolution, emotional development and awakening should happen quickly, in a specific way, according to one’s preconceived ideals and expectations. However, this is not the true way, rhythm or timing of our feeling self (the emotional body).

Our feeling self, the emotional body, does not learn by being impatiently pushed or violated with mental expectations or preconceived ideas of what reality should look and feel like. This is violence. This is the war between thought and feeling, the conscious and unconscious, head and heart, masculine and feminine. This behavior simply perpetuates the struggle and violence that is so rampant upon this planet and within our own psyche.

In the work of Integrative Awakening, one is educated in kindness. One becomes aware of the natural timing, learning rhythms and innocence of the emotional body. Facilitation is offered for bringing the mind, heart and emotional body into harmonious confluence with one another. In this way, the heart, mind and body unfold and transform in an integrated manner rather than existing in a fragmented, separative conflict with one another.

The Way of Heart-Centered ‘Feeling’ Navigation

In this work, we explore and navigate those areas of the body/mind that are most in need of love, nourishment, awareness and integration. The heart-centered exploration and navigation of Integrative Awakening is never done through invasive mental analysis, diagnosis, psychic invasion, or by busting anyone on their so-called issues. Nor is this work accomplished by offering useless spiritual platitudes that do not truly speak to one’s deep psychological and spiritual needs!

The exploration/navigation of this work is shared through intimate mutual awareness, presence of heart, precision facilitation and direct feeling experience. One is supported in the process of allowing feeling-awareness to descend deep into the body and heart. In this way of working together, deep and direct experiential insight into personal life challenges is accomplished.

The Center of the Heart

A part of the Integrative Awakening work is navigating feeling awareness directly and literally into the heart area through the center of the chest. This is the area that I firmly believe is the bodily location of awakening. Here in the center of the chest is where the radiant treasures of the Heart and Soul are anchored into the human physiology (surrounded by the denser psycho-emotional layers of the personality, which can veil and obscure this natural heart radiance).

Through my facilitation, I guide one in a gentle, yet extremely precise exploration. One learns to feel, embrace and transform the unconscious cognitive and emotional misperceptions of reality which actually surround and obscure the True Soul Radiance in the Heart.

In the unique style of this work, we weave together the human personality and the Soul or Heart. Esoterically, this is known as the science of Soul Integration. As one opens into a deeper experience of Heart, into intimacy with Source, I offer full support for stabilizing and assimilating this direct experience. In this way, one’s personal experience of Awakening and Soul Radiance is brought down from the realms of the conceptual and┬ámystical, into an integrated and practical bodily experience. This is the integrative art and psychology of awakening.