Direct Experience

Intimacy With Reality

The SourcePoint Experience is not about trying to feel good by gaining or adding something new. It is about letting go; releasing cognitive and emotional misperceptions and directly experiencing one’s True Self, the Heart. This is the direct experience that brings transformation. The SourcePoint Experience is about feeling what is Real, about coming into emotional sobriety and Intimacy with Reality!

The SourcePoint Experience is not for those who want excitement, entertainment, or more stimulating intellectual information. This work is not about trying to feel good by adding something new to ourselves. The direct experience and expression of our Awakened Nature takes place through a process of letting go and learning to relax into one’s Innate and Natural Condition.

This work is about relaxing into and through the more complex and fear-based layers of the psyche, experiencing what is simple and real. It is about coming into emotional sobriety; into direct feeling contact with Reality. This work is for those truly dedicated to inner growth and a deeper union with the Fire of Love and Intimacy in the Heart and Body.

No matter how profound our conceptual knowledge of the Path of Awakening may be, this will not be sufficient for true accomplishment, unless it is backed up by direct personal experience and diligent practice. For true transformation and awakening to unfold, the love and wisdom of the heart must become a visceral, felt-experience in the body, and a practical expression in the context of our daily lives.

The powerful, greedy and impatient mind always wants the magic answer which will alleviate our confusion and pain. We all want immediate results! However, true psycho-emotional transformation and spiritual realization only come about from inner work that is deep, precise, slow and subtle. True transformation comes about when the mind, heart, body and soul are learning in confluence with one another.

Understanding ourselves more deeply, unwinding our unconscious cognitive and emotional misperceptions of reality, and awakening the heart—this kind of inner work actually moves at its own emotionally intelligent and natural pace. Inner work that brings true and lasting results always moves slower than the greedy, grasping mind that impatiently wants everything right now.

In this way of experiential, body-centered learning, at a slower, non intellectual pace, our body receives a deep and profound education. The emotional body or feeling self learns at its own pace, without being violently pushed by the impatient mind. In this way, Truth penetrates and integrates itself into the depths of our human experience, becoming practical and embodied rather than intellectual or conceptual.

Will our modern day fixation with business, technology, speed and the intellectually conditioned mind (that is afraid to feel) end up conquering the Heart? It already has! The symptoms are obvious and they are everywhere to be seen. However a New Paradigm of Heart is blossoming slowly. The Reality of the Awakened Heart and Body, patiently waiting for each of us, is quiet, gentle, wise and tender. This Reality moves at a completely different pace than the impatient, intellectual and greedy self who is always hungry for the next thing which will hopefully fill its unending hunger and dissatisfaction.

Heart-centered, experiential and feeling-oriented modalities for transformation are the new psychological and spiritual paradigm for bringing about our collective human evolution.