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The Beginning

At the age of 21, I had a profound awakening experience. Following this experience, I radically changed my diet, started a consistent meditation practice, and began an intensive study of world scriptures and esoteric wisdom teachings. Since the age of 21, I have had an unceasing desire to fully understand the inner psychological and spiritual dynamics of the human condition and the potential for transformation and awakening.

In the years following, I engaged in extremely long and radical periods of fasting, accompanied by dietary changes so as to purify the body and mind. Along with this, I continued to cultivate the practice of meditation, which has been consistent for the last 28 years. I have used the meditation techniques of Shamatha (Meditative Quiescence / Calm Abiding) and Vipassana (Insight), as well as the SourcePoint Practice I developed after many years of cultivation and sensing the deep needs of the human condition. I have done numerous solitary meditation retreats, going deep into the subtle realms of the body, psyche and spirit, alone in nature and periodically at retreat centers. Through the years, I have also had the opportunity to be in the presence of many excellent teachers.

Journeys Into the Underworld

I have spent many years studying Western, Somatic, Transpersonal and Jungian psychology, as well as the subject most dear to my heart, the Esoteric Psychology of Soul Integration. In addition, in ways similar to how a shaman is trained, I have used ‘plant medicines’ specifically for journeying into and understanding the unconscious depths of the psyche.

Many of these journeys, in the forest, desert, or alone in a dark room in my house, were rich, challenging and at times extremely uncomfortable emotionally. I learned to open my body so as to experience the feminine underworld of the unconscious psyche, as well as learning how to open to the energetic force of the awakening kundalini (life-force). I have learned to travel into and experience certain territories of the psyche that most people would rather not encounter, feel or acknowledge. These experiences have given me some of the priceless training and integration I needed so as to be rather fearless, intuitive, compassionate and emotionally stable when facilitating others in their own challenging journeys into uncharted psychological and spiritual territory.

Another Awakening Experience

While living in the quiet and pristine high desert near Mount Shasta, CA, I began a very intensive meditation practice. I engaged in practice for 4 to 5 hours a day for a period of 30 days consistently. After about 30 days, using buy accutane canada pharmacyI developed, gently relaxing my feeling awareness deep into center of the heart, I had another powerful awakening experience. In a single instant of timelessness, I entered the Absolute Stillness and Silence in the Central Reality of the Heart. This experience revealed the psycho-spiritual mapping and many of the inner secrets of the Heart that I would eventually be sharing with others through the Integrative Awakening/SourcePoint Experience work in the years to follow.

Through this experience, I gained direct, body-centered, feeling-insight into the unconscious psycho-dynamics that keep most of humanity imprisoned in fear of loss, a deep inner sense of separation, confusion, anxiety and pain. In the years following this experience I have worked diligently to integrate and practice applying these insights in my own life, and I have been sharing them with others in my professional work and through the book I wrote, buy accutane online canada pharmacy.

The True Teacher In the Heart

After this awakening experience, I knew and felt beyond all doubt the truth which has been stated by the world’s spiritual traditions and esoteric teachings—that God or the True Self (Soul) was indeed located in the Central Reality of the Heart. The Guru, the Teacher, the Soul is indeed located conveniently within our very own Heart!

Based upon my studies and experience, I have designed a rather unique and revolutionary style of assisting people in their psychological and spiritual development. Combining Western Psychology, the Esoteric Psychology of Soul Integration, and Body-Centered Psychology with the Eastern wisdom teachings of Advaita (Non-Duality), and adding a strong dose of heart transmission, I have been guiding people into their own direct experience of psychological and spiritual awakening for many years.