Exploring a New Paradigm

The SourcePoint Experience brings a new paradigm of feeling and awakening through direct, body and heart-centered experience. In this intimate Field of Singularity, we nourish ourselves with the transformational vitality of the SourcePoint—the precise point, space, or moment of pure intimacy and potential wherein Source and Humanness meet. This is the True Satisfaction, Connection and Intimacy we are seeking.

Authenticity of Heart

The SourcePoint Experience dissolves the layers of fear and misperception that obscure our Essence. We touch the Heart—the True Self. We assimilate the Direct Feeling Experience of Heart into our body, knowing and feeling authentically who we are. As we learn to share this Authenticity of Heart with one another, this is Intimacy, this is Community. This is the path of psychological and spiritual awakening.

heart-curlΦ  The SourcePoint Experience: A revolutionary and creative approach to transformation. Using a precision Enfoldment Sequence or Map of Awakening, one’s feeling awareness is guided into the precise areas of the body and psyche where love, understanding and integration are most needed for vitality, liberation and awakening. Supportive facilitation is offered for embracing our human feelings, needs and desires, as well as for opening into a direct, authentic, feeling-experience of the Heart (True Intimacy / Self Realization / Soul integration). This is the authentic Relationship, Intimacy and Connection we are seeking!

Φ  Contrary to what we may feel, believe, or have been told by others, we are not suffering from any inherent woundedness or dysfunction. We are not broken. Nothing is wrong with us. The SourcePoint Experience fully supports a paradigm shift—from seeing our emotional and life challenges as problems or pathologies, to experiencing them as indicators of awakening and transformational opportunities. This is the welcome shift from victim-hood to conscious, self-empowered living!

Φ  To evolve, we are being invited to embrace, feel and take responsibility for the unresolved emotional issues and misperceptions which affect our health, our relationships and our life. We do not have a problem, dysfunction or pathology to heal or eradicate. We have an opportunity to evolve. We are sensing an evolutionary call—an invitation to leave the domain of stress, fear and misperception and experience the Undefended Newness and Intimacy of the Awakening Heart and Body!

• Receive support and guidance for evolutionary challenges or crisis
• Empowerment and awakening through presence and conscious embrace
• Transform the actual root causes of your fear, anxiety, pain and stress
• Open into a more direct, intimate and body-centered experience of your True Nature/ Heart
• Learn the secret of bringing more harmony and intimacy into your relationships

It is a rare blessing to discover a professional who can skillfully support us in our awakening as we encounter our fears, defenses, and needs; yet these are the very areas that require support and liberation in order to become fully awake. Neil is a master at navigating the process of “embodying” enlightenment. As our awareness drops down into those dark corners of the psyche, our fears, needs, and defenses, if left unseen and unfelt, will continue to run our lives, creating ego-based strategies which hinder a fully embodied awakening. I have spent 30 years on the path of development and 15 years in psychotherapy. My experience of the work with Neil feels like the last steps in the beautiful journey called becoming human. I wholeheartedly recommend him for anyone who is serious about waking up all the way into our humanness.

– Charles Ridley
Founder of DynamicStillness, a biodynamic school for health professionals.
Author of Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness.