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The Voice of Heart is a powerful and very unique book that has touched the lives of many people in a deep and positive way…

“I dance the evolving of our mutual heart destiny through the opening channels of your being…singing my songs of awakening into your heart and into your body from the deep within. I am in the evolutionary process of birthing myself. Your body, your mind and your softening heart…are my womb.” — from The Voice of Heart

As you begin reading The Voice of Heart, you will find yourself on an undeniably compelling journey; a deep and direct experience into the spacious, unified awareness of the Feeling Heart. On this journey, the Inner Voice of the Heart will be your wise, loving and most nurturing guide.

The mysteries of cognitive and emotional misperceptions that have caused confusion and suffering in humanity for ages will be clarified and revealed to you. Through the feeling-oriented language of the heart you will be offered priceless gems of insight, completely relevant for transforming these ancient and limiting misperceptions and for the awakening of the heart, mind and body—which are all the totality of the Heart. The Voice of Heart clearly reveals the way into a new paradigm, offering an evolutionary invitation and call…to those who are listening.

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“Hidden behind the protective mask of your personality is a Grand Reality whose voice whispers an ancient mystery. However, the direct experience of this Reality is elusive and there have been few clear and practical maps—until now. The Voice of Heart is a treasure. I highly recommend reading this book with your entire body, let the words infuse and caress…discover the mystery that awaits you.”

—Charles Ridley, Craniosacral teacher and founder of Dynamics Stillness, an international training school for health professionals. Author of Stillness: Biodynamic Cranial Practice and the Evolution of Consciousness.